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Aircraft Sewage Wastewater Treatment


Darnasus is specializing in design, construction and operation of innovated compact units for the treatment of aircraft effluent.  Darnasus is an experienced firm in the field and has designed, constructed and is succesfully operating the aircraft wastewater treatment plants at Larnaca & Paphos Airports in Cyprus since 2011. (See Reference Letter from Hermes Airports Ltd).

Darnasus facilities pre-treat the lavatory effluent in order to make it suitable for central sewerage disposal or local biological treatment.

Aircraft sewage is highly concentrated in pollutants and the addition of the blue disinfectant liquid makes it even more difficult to be treated.

Aircraft sewage quality far exceeds any limits set by local sewage authorities and should not be disposed without pretreatment.

Also mixing it with terminal wastewater, in order to be locally treated using conventional biological technology, has also proven to be inefficient for the same reasons.

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Darnasus offers a unique proposal to Airports in resolving this shortcoming, with efficient and innovated equipment at ZERO cost to the Airport. We can finance, install, commission and operate the facilities based on a Build – Operate – Own contract. For the services provided, Darnasus will be compensated by the users of the facility with a fixed tariff per aircraft accommodated.

Additionaly, our proposal provides a unique opportunity to the Airports to increase their revenues and environmental standards.

A Proven solution. We have two reference plants built in Cyprus, operational since 2011.

Compact, modular design, which combines minimum footprint and maximum efficiency.