Specialized in design, construction and operation of membrane technology bioreactors (MBR)

Darnasus utilizes the membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology for superior treatment efficiency. MBR is a single process that combines biological degradation and membrane separation. The membranes allow the purified water to pass through the pores (filtrate), while creating a complete barrier to the passage of any solid greater than 0.1 microns, which includes all, bacteria and suspended solids. So, in addition to removing biodegradable organics, suspended solids and inorganic nutrients, MBR’s retain particulates, slow growing organisms and pathogens. MBR’s provide a reliable, high-quality, reusable effluent.

Martin Systems, made in Germany, ultrafiltration membranes separate particles up to colloidal size due to their small pore size (<0,1μm). Martin user-friendly flat membranes are made of organic polymers which, in combination with the sophisticated filter design, effectively prevent clogging of the filter due to hairs, fibres or other unhygienic coarse matter.

The MBR replaces the secondary clarification and sand filters found in a conventional wastewater treatment plant and provides a higher quality treated wastewater. This allows for increased performance with a smaller footprint. In an MBR, the membranes create a solids barrier and therefore the process is not subject to gravity settling solids limitations, as in conventional clarifiers.

Darnasus has been the first company in Cyprus that introduced MBR technology for small scale projects and has realized a substantial number of wastewater treatment plants, which operate satisfactory and according to design standards. Our clients include airports, hotels, residential complexes and private customers.


Design, Finance, Build & Operate of innovated compact facilities for the treatment of aircraft sewage effluent.


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