Protect the water system from Oil, Sediment and Pollutants with Ultra‐Drain Guard® catch
basin filter

Darnasus has extended its services and provides products that eliminate or reduce the potentially harmful substances at their sources, before polluting the environment. Darnasus is the authorized UltraTech distributor in Cyprus.

UltraTech was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world’s finest offering of spill containment and spill response products. The company has introduced an average of 20 new products per year.

UltraTech’s design and development team is credited with nearly 50 patents. Its lines of “problem solver” products are market leaders in the following categories:

  • Spill Containment product line is the most extensive in the world. Using molded polyethylene, polyurethane and polymer-coated fabrics as the primary materials of choice, these “secondary containment” products are engineered to capture hazardous material spills from a wide variety of vessels, including laboratory bottles, drums, IBC tanks, stationary tanks, machinery, tanker trucks and railcars.
  • Stormwater Management product line features an array of products designed to filter contaminants (e.g. – sediment, oil and chemicals) from stormwater runoff stop hazardous spills from entering storm drains and protect drums and tanks from outdoor elements.
  • Construction Compliance product line consists of a complete line of erosion control, Stormwater management and spill containment products. The products are user-friendly and cost-effective, and allow a general contractor or site developer to “one stop shop” their needs.

UltraTech products have been designed to meet a variety of environmental regulations, to keep hazardous spills off of plant floors and out of the environment, to keep sediment, oil and chemicals out of storm drains, groundwater and waterways and to protect the environment from spills of oil and oil-related products

Darnasus will help you choose the best solution by determine the proper product given your specific industry and/or application.


Design, Finance, Build & Operate of innovated compact facilities for the treatment of aircraft sewage effluent.


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